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If you’ve been to Frock On Vintage lately then you’ll recognize this guy!! It’s our custom-made lifesize cardboard cutout of Burt Reynolds, nude on a bearskin rug. Good ol’ Burt posed for Playgirl back in the ’70s resulting in this iconic image. His glorious mustache made him the perfect mascot for our Movember party, but alas, it’s finally time for Burt to go, and we’ve set up an online auction so he can be yours! He would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, or maybe a lonely friend who needs a sexy pal around the house. He folds flat for those times when you want to put him away, but why you’d ever want to do that? Just look at him! He’s the Bandit!! He spent Christmas in our window display, and boy did he get a lot of attention! What are you waiting for? If you can handle all that swankiness, click HERE to bid now!!

Sorry, the hat is not included!

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